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I made a new site

31st of July, 2020

So I finally decided to make a new personal website.

I’ve owned this domain for a long time and never really used it for very much. The recent happenings on the web, including the near-destruction of democracy, has made clear the benefit of owning your own content.

I’d also like a place to put some programming blog posts, especially since doing some open-source work at my day-job. Occasionally I may also write some stuff about movies, books, etc. and maybe no one will ever read them, but oh well.

This site is a static-site built with jekyll and served on Linode with Apache. The exercise of getting the site itself set up from a scratch Debian install to a web server has already been a worthy exercise. I’ve never hand-configured an Apache server before and that was interesting.

As of writing this, I do not have ssl/tls configured, but plan on using Let’s Encrypt to get that working.


Finally using that domain name I've been renewing for years


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